World Environment day,

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Tena Koe welcome to this blog about World Environment Day.  This day is celebrated on the 5th June 2020 and I would like to talk a bit about what this day is and what you and the children can do to engage on this day.

Photo: Mt Maunganui NZ

World Environment Day.  What is it about you may ask?  It is about being aware of the world around us and learning about ways in which we can awhi (help)the world.  Give some Manaakitanga to our world.  There are many things we can do to help the world and reducing what we buy is one of them.

Recycling things,  Reusing things in our environment instead of throwing them into the earth.  We need to be composting our kitchen scraps and growing gardens.

Photo: My Moko in the garden.

This year the theme is biodiversity.  Biodiversity means biological diversity and it includes the diversity and life of water and land life in the world.  You could do lots of activities with children around this theme and include families and their ideas too.

Some ideas for World  Environment Day.

  • Plant a native tree.
  • Plant a Native bush.
  • Start a recycle area in your classroom or home.
  • Start a compost bin or pile in the garden.
  • Plant vegetables and flowers.
  • Make a bug hotel.
  • Make bird feeders for the garden.
  • Make up a song about biodiversity to share.
  • Engage in community plantings.
  • Do some art ir a wall display to represent the environment and biodiversity.

A Māori whakatauki.




Any further ideas or tell us what you have done please leave a comment below.


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