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Maori resources for teaching website is going to be a fun site for all on it. We all want to have some fun right?  Yes.  So come on then check out the articles I have written and add comments.  Add some suggestions to what resources you are looking for too.

Within this website I will be exploring:

  • the resources of Māori for education of our tamariki – children.
  •  new ideas, stories. fun activities
  • our own Māori resources that we have made and tamariki – children have created too.
  • online resources
  •  te reo Māori – Māori language

plus much more…

I look forward to the future and all the fun we will have on this site.

Kia pai to ra




4 Replies to “About.”

  1. What is a Tamariki? I tried looking it up on Google and it seems like it means a young person but I am still not clear because there was not a clear translation that I could find. Thanks for starting this website because I do not know very much about Maori. I look forward to learning more about them because it sounds like an interesting culture.

  2. Tania, what a great idea for a website. Many years ago I lived in New Zealand and I loved it. One of my friends was a Maori and through her I had a bit of contact with Maori culture. And the music – any party I went to was invigorating and filled with music from talented musicians.

    I even had the good fortune to visit Ngaruawahia and the Turangawaewae Marae. When I was in the area, this wasn’t open very frequently so I was really honoured to visit.

    Even those of us non-Maoris will find the information here very interesting, especially as I (as one) like mixed histories!

    One thing I might suggest is a page for all the terms you use. I can make some guesses but I am often incorrect!

    I will keep an eye out for more of your articles.


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