What is Matariki?

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What is Matariki?  In late May early June a group of stars can be seen rising up in the sky.  The name of this group of stars is Matariki.  It is the Māori name for the Pleaides star cluster.   Mata o te Ariki or the eyes of God.  It is the beginning of the Māori new year.  It is also known as the seven sisters.

Pleaides is the Greek name.

Subaru  meaning gathered together is the Japanese word for Matariki.

Makali’i meaning eyes of loyalty is the Hawaiian word for Matariki.

Here is a utube link to watch a short story on Matariki. 

Matariki is a time for harvesting kumara and other vegetables in the garden.  You can also plant out seeds or seedlings into the garden too.  Check your maramataka to see which days are best.

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

There is a great resource provided by the Christchurch library that all teachers can check out here.

These are the children of Ranginui the sky:

Whetū                              star

Kapua                                cloud

Ua                                          rain

Rā                                              sun

Āniwaniwa                        rainbow

Marama                             moon

Whetū marama               planet

Māngōroa                        The milky way

Māhutonga      Southern Cross

Kōpu                                 morning star

Meremere Tūahiahi   Evening star

Matariki    Pleaides

Unenuku  God of the rainbow

Tāwhirimtea    God of the wind

Rūaumoko        God of Earthquakes volcanoes

Here are some great books you can get that children will love and learn about Matariki.

Seven Kites of Matariki

Little Kiwi's Matariki

Matariki The Maori New Year





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