Walking trips with children.

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I hikoi ahau mo tenei ata.  This morning I went for a walk.

Today was such a lovely morning that I decided to go for a walk up our local walking track here in Kaikohe.  The track starts here and goes to Okaihau then down to Horeke.  I think it is 40 km to Horeke.  I just walked for half an hour then turned and walked back to the start of the track.  This walk reminded me of the importance of taking walking trips with children.  The fresh air, listening to the wildlife, looking at all the different plants and trees this is  the great outdoors and this is a wonderful place for children to learn.

Where is your local walk way?

Here is a mission for you to complete if you are interested in the great outdoors and children’s learning.

  1. Find out where you can take children walking in your area.
  2. Go do the walk yourself and look at the different things that you could teach children about along the way e.g. types of plants, trees, mountains etc.
  3. talk to families and children about taking a walking trip.  Get their feedback
  4. Once you have everyone interested suggest a date for your walk.
  5. Organise permission from families and get families/caregivers to come along on the walk with you.
  6. Be prepared for another day in case of bad weather.
  7. Take a picnic and water and most important a phone and first aid kit for emergencies.
  8. Take cameras and get the children to document the walk.
  9. Thank people that helped by making cards with the children.
  10. Review your day with the children and investigate all the things they documented e.g. the bird or tree they took a photo of.
  11. Use different websites to find out what you what the children to learn.
  12. Have fun!

Learning Outcomes of a Hikoi – Walk.

  • Children learn through their senses.  Developing all senses e.g. touch, smell, taste, sounds
  • Develops confidence.
  • Increases awareness of what lives in the outdoor environment e.g. insects, birds, cows
  • Builds strengthens large and small motor skills.WALKING TRACK
  • Creates imagination.
  • Inspires art
  • Creates conversations.
  • Develops spatial awareness.
  • Increases hand eye co ordination
  • Increase co ordination of the body.
  • Allows children to be a s noisy as they want to be.
  • Allows children to run, skip, jump, hop etc without interruption.
  • Promotes a healthy life style.
  • Increase knowledge of local place names.
  • increases knowledge of plant names and tress names in both English and Māori languages.
  • Develops social skills.

Things to look for on your walk.

  1. Animal, insect homes.
  2. Spider webs and spiders.
  3. Hills or mountains.
  4. Birds and bird nests. Listen to different bird calls and record.
  5. Fruits on trees.
  6. Flowers on trees and growing.
  7. Wild life turkeys, goats, pigs.
  8. Different colours in nature.
  9. Butterflies, chrysalis.
  10. Feathers.


I hope that you have enjoyed this post.  Don’t forget to write in the comments below.



6 Replies to “Walking trips with children.”

  1. How much a little walk along the line can help kids. To be honest, I am a big fan of walking especially, along with the kids. It is never better other than the way they make it to. This is really interesting and I like this a lot. For a truth, taking walking trips with children can really help them and also foster unity with parents. Thumbs up for sharing this thoughtful post

    1. Thanks Rodarrick.  You are right the connections with our children are fostered through walking and talking together.  They love it when you stop and have a snack and drink along the way especially!

  2. Hello,

    I am in charge of organizing activities for a groups of youngsters at my church.

    I tried to keep our activities as  diverse as possible to avoid the routine and 

    keep  the kids interested. I found that that is important to keep them stimulated.

    This article gave me some great ideas about my church next Scout outing.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yeah taking walking trips with  children always help them increases the way they think and there approaches to strange things,I could remember when I was a kid,my father took me on a walk for about 2hours,I took many pictures,we met different animals  on the way which my father told me there stories and some other plants uses which I cant forget them till date,its really nice to be on a trip walk with children thanks 

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