Te reo Māori for your learning stories.

Incorporating te reo Māori into your learning stories.  

Have you any te reo Māori in your learning stories?  Well from today on you will have a few different sentences you can use.

When I did learning stories I would almost always have kapai to mahi (child.s name) sentence written within them.  It is teaching not only the children some te reo when they read it but also the reader gains a small bit of te reo Māori.  Yes that’s great isn’t it.

Today I will begin my list of te reo Māori sentences.  You can incorporate the te reo Māori  in your learning stories.   They can be used in the beginning, middle or end of stories or all these places.

Whakamihi -to praise,congratulate.

  • He tino pai – very good.
  • He tino pai tō mahi – your work is very good.
  • He tino pai tō tuhituhi- your writing is very good.
  • He pai a Elliott ki te oma -Elliott is good at running.
  • He pai a Elliott ki te tuhituhi – Elliott is good at writing.
  • Ka rawe – Awesome!

What te reo Māori sentences do you use in your mahi?

Kia pai to ra!

Have an awesome day.