Teaching children how to speak te reo Māori.

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keaToday I will be looking at teaching children how to speak Māori.    Pronouncing or saying the words correctly is the first step to speaking Māori.   Te reo Māori means the Māori language.


The Māori alphabet.

a    e    h    i    k    m    n    ng    o    p    r    t    u    w    wh    are the letters of the Māori alphabet.

The Māori vowels are said as below:

  • a as in baa
  • e as in pear
  • i as e in eagle
  • o as in oar
  • u as in you

There is a simple way to learn the Māori alphabet.  Teaching children to speak Māori is fun and you can sing the Māori alphabet.  You will find the tune to this song on YouTube.

A ha ka ma na pa ra ta wa nga wha

E he ke me ne pe re te we nge whe

I hi ki mi ni pi ri ti wi ngi whi

O ho ko mo no po ro to wo ngo who

a e i o u

U hu ku mu nu pu ru tu wu ngu whu

So try saying the Māori alphabet and repeat several times.  Get the children to say it several times and learn it off by heart.  If you can pronounce the sounds first then you are ready to learn words.

I hope that you will have fun learning the Māori alphabet.

Kia pai to ra


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