Taonga for children.

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What is a taonga? A taonga is a treasure or a gift.  It is natural.  The sea is a taonga, the land is a taonga, my moko-grandson is a taonga.  A taonga has a significant meaning to it, it may be cultural, it may link to your whanau. It may be something you can wear, it may be an object, it may be a person.   A taonga may be given as a gift to you from another person or group of people.  There are lots of other taonga too.

Today I want to talk about the greenstone I was given.  I worked for many years at an early childhood centre and as a leaving gift they gave me a pounamu-greenstone pendant.  These are now my taonga.  They remind me of the centre and all the wonderful children, families and teachers that I met in my time there.  There are four etchings on my taonga and I decided that each of these linked to my three daughters and my moko -grandson.  I treasure my taonga and I feel good when I wear it.

These are good for children to wear and last a very long time if looked after.  They are a beautiful gift that you will treasure for life.  I know I will.  I’ve looked for taonga for children whilst in my teaching journey to gift to children.  I have attached a link where you can go to to source out taonga for children and adults.  The place is called The Bone Art Place.

Please Note:  Children and infants should not wear pendants or carvings to bed.  The cords that are attached are strong and may cause harm if they tangle in bed clothing.  It is also advised that children where the adjustable strings. 

Ask to change to an adjustable string when you buy a taonga for chiidren.  The chunky  stones or carvings are more suitable for children as they do not break like the more delicate ones.

I hope this was useful for you. Do you have a  taonga story and want to share it?  Please leave in the comments box.

Kia pai to ra


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