Tangaroa – God of the sea and sea creatures.

Oh how I am missing Tangaroa the sea and beach.  I bet that the children are missing this too if they go there usually.  Some of you may even live near tangaroa.  Tangaroa for Maori is the God of the Sea.  Also God of the sea creatures.  SO I have thought about how we can remember the sea and beach and what it is like there. These activities are easy for all ages.

A favourite spot in the Hokianga.

Tangaroa Mural activity.


Large piece paper or cardboard.

Marker pens    scissors  glue

Paint    shells   tape

Paint the background of your paper in colours of the sea.  Let it dry.

Draw sea creatures on paper and cut out glue onto sea.

Paint shells and attach to mural with glue or tape.

Let your imagination take you the rest of the way.

Shell mobile.


String    thin rope

Drift wood scissors

Join your dift wood together with string or thin rope.

Attach shells to strings and then attach to drift wood.

Hang up inside and let the memories of tangaroa come to you.

Picture from Quick nature crafts.