Stick game – Titi torea.

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Children’s Māori games are fun and easy to play.  There are many types of games that traditionally were played by Māori children back in the old days. The game that I will look at today is titi torea using rākau sticks.

This is an old game that all ages play.   You have two sticks each one in each hand.  You will have another person to play with you and they will be sitting facing you opposite you. The sticks can be made from rolled up magazines if you have no wooden sticks.

You will then start singing the song e papa waiari.

You will each tap the sticks together to the beat of the song.  You can make up your own combination of use of the sticks.

Waiata – song.

E papa

E auē. ka mate au

E hine hoki ma rā.  (Chorus)

E papa waiari

Taku nei mahi

Taku mahi

He tuku roimata


Māku e kaute ō hīkoitanga

Māku e kaute ō hīkoitanga


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