Ngā rā o te wiki – the days of the week.

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Māori of old had  figured out their own time scale which was sufficient for their needs.  Minutes or seconds were not known but the Māori had names for the day and night midnight and dawn. The time at night was known by the stars positions and through the day by the position of the sun.

Monday            Rāhina            Mane

Tuesday           Rātū                Tūrei

Wednesday    Rāapa            Wenerei

Thursday         Rāpare           Taite

Friday                 Rāmere         Paraire

Saturday          Rāhoroi           Hatarei

Sunday             Rātapu             Rātapu

The second list of words in Māori are transliteration.

“Transliteration is the process of transferring a word from the alphabet of one language to another. Transliteration helps people pronounce words and names in foreign languages. … It changes the letters from the word’s original alphabet to similar-sounding letters in a different one”

Rā is day.

Rāhina is the day of the moon.

Rātu is day of Mars. (Tūmatauenga)

Rāapa is day of Mercury. (Apārangi)

Rāpare is day of Jupiter. (Pareārau)

Rāmere day of Venus.

Rāhoroi is wash day.

Rātapu is holy day.

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