Maui and other Legends.

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Māori have retold stories from their ancestors throughout time.  Children enjoy listening to these stories.  I would like to look at Maui and other Legends written by Peter Gossage.  His books are well loved by children and teachers alike and are some of my favourite books.

Today’s review is on Maui and other Maori Legends.  This is a mixture of all the  stories we love.  These stories are:

  • How Maui found his mother
  • The fish of Maui
  • How Maui slowed the sun
  • Pania of the reef
  • How Maui found his Father and the Magic Jawbone
  • How Maui defied the Goddess of Death
  • How Maui found the secret of fire.
  • Battle of the Mountains

This is an awesome book If you want to read about Māori legends from long ago.  They tell of many adventures that Māui endured,  I love the story of Maui and the fish its about how he and his brothers fished up Aotearoa New Zealand on their waka – canoe.  And how they formed the mountains and valleys.

Māori also have their own local stories.  Maybe if you are a teacher you could ask a person from your local community maybe someone from the local Marae could come in and retell stories about the area you live in.  Or maybe even you know a story you can tell the children. 

There are many learning outcomes for children with this valuable resource.  these include:

  • developing listening skills
  • developing reading skills
  • developing art skills art can be included in a lesson plan after the legend has being told
  • developing language skills
  • developing knowledge of Māori legends. te reo Māori
  • developing imagination

Peter Gossage is an excellent writer and children and adults alike will enjoy his books. This book is excellent because it has eight stories in one book. But if you like you can buy the books separately.  I hope that this book will have some interesting stories for you to share with your children and they will learn about the Legends of Maui and other interesting Legends.

Kia pai to ra



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