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Manaakitanga what does this mean and what does it look like for children.  Mannakitanga is a Māori value that is deeply entwined in the Māori culture.  It is about looking after people and enhancing their mana/wellbeing.  It is about looking after your visitors and being a good host.  It is about sharing and caring for others in your community.

Manaakitanga in the classroom is similar.   Children can show manaakitanga by:

  • Showing respect to each other.
  • Sharing resources with others.
  • Encouraging others in their mahi and helping them to finish their work.
  • Helping others if they see they need a hand with something.
  • Developing friendships by being kind to each other.
  • Sharing food and drink together.
  • Talking with each other nicely and clearly.
  • Showing empathy towards others.  Sharing a hug.
  • Understanding others feelings.
  • Encouraging manaakitanga.
  • Caring for the environment.
  • To nurture and love.

Children will learn by watching you the teacher so ensure that you are doing these things too.  Teach Whānau/families about manaakitanga too.

Maybe make a wall display so Whānau can read and see what manaakitanga is.  Take photos of manaakitanga e.g. sharing kai(food), playing and smiling together etc.  Put children;s artwork on the display too.  Ask Whānau to contribute to the display they may have a photo or knowledge about the Māori value they can share with you and the class.

Another activity could be gardening and sharing the kai from the garden with others.  Maybe having a shared lunch and make soup with the vegetables the children have grown.

Going into the community and sharing some happiness with others. Maybe a trip to the old peoples home to sing some songs or take some baking to them.  I am sure that would bring a smile to their faces.

This is my Moko making a cake to share with the family, nice manaakitanga Moko.

What ways do you show manaakitanga in your classroom/school?  Please share by leaving a comment.






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