Let’s make a terrarium – rāihi kōataata.

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Happy New Year Whanau and friends!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas holidays.  If you have children at home I have a great idea for an activity.   Today I am going to show you how to make a rāihi kōataata- a terririum.  This could even be made for a christmas gift for someone.

Making a rāihi kōataata/terrarium.

Step 1.

Find an empty glass container.  You can pick a glass container up from the warehouse or  second hand shops.

Step 2.

Fill the bottom of the terrarium with pebbles.

this provides drainage.


Step 3.

Sprinkle over activated charcoal on top of pebbles about a tablespoon or two full.  I got my activated charcaol from King’s Plant Barn.  This ensures that the terrarium does not smell especially if it is closed with a lid.

Step 4.

Add potting mix.  Enough to cover the pebbles and deep enough for plants to root in.

Step 5.

Add plants that can fit into the terrarium.  I found succulents, cacti and water loving ferns good  plants to start with.

Step 6.

Add pebbles or shells or tiny ornaments to the top of the terrarium.  You can place a lid on top which will help the terrarium produce its own moisture.

Step 7.

Spray plants with  water try not to over water.  Keep out of direct sunlight.  Enjoy or give away for a gift.







2 Replies to “Let’s make a terrarium – rāihi kōataata.”

  1. Hello Tania,
    Thank you for sharing this lovely idea on how to create a Raihi Koataata.
    I have always adored them but have given up on getting shop-bought terraniums as they never lasted. I know now not to keep them in the sunshine!
    This is something I will definetly have to try as you have broken down the instructions into clear and simple steps to follow.
    Thanks again!

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