‘Kei te Peke Ahau’ book review – Music and Movement.

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Kei Te Peke Ahau (Te Reo Singalong)

Today I want to review the book Kei te Peke Ahau by Sharon Holt and illustrated by Deborah Hinde.  This book is perfect for your music and movement session with children. This book is filled with 24 pages of pictures that delights children.  It also has a cd so you can enjoy listening to the music too.

I would recommend this book to everyone as it has been a great Māori resource for me in the past.  The use of te reo Māori is used throughout the song.  There is a glossary at the back to check what the Māori words mean.

Kei Te Peke Ahau (Te Reo Singalong) is a fun book.

This book is perfect for those learning te reo Māori.  There are other books similar to this there is a series of them.  Played on a regular basis you and the children will be singing this little song in no time at all.  This book is about animals from New Zealand and their movements.

Learning outcomes of using Kei Te Peke Ahau (Te Reo Singalong).

  • children are developing movement  to music skills
  • developing language
  • developing social skills as they interact with each other
  • developing listening skills
  • developing large and small  motor skills
  • developing their imagination
  • learning about different New Zealand animals and their movements
  • music and movement is important to development children’s minds, body and soul.

Let me know how you get along with this book in the comments and any suggestions you would have for others who have this great resource. 

Here is a link to buy this book.

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