How to start a worm farm – pamu nuku.

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Worm farming with children is great fun.  Children will find this activity very interesting.  How to start a worm farm is pretty easy.  I will go through the steps you will need to take to establish a worm farm at home or in your centre.

  1.   Find an old bath.  You can pick them up for around fifty dollars or even free.

    I made my worm farm in an old bath tub.  But you can use a worm farm set up from a shop or use different containers that stack on top of one another.


    Add rocks or gravel to the bottom of the bath,  Then cover with weed matting.

  3. smart

    Add shredded paper.  Get the children to rip up the paper.

  4. Add compost, coconut fibre and dry leaves.

  5. smart

    Add your tiger worms.  These can be brought online or get some from a kind worm farmer.

  6. Add food scraps and cover with wet cardboard.

  7. smart

    Add a cover I used some old wet walling and cover so water proof.

  8. Add a bucket under the bath hole to catch the worm juice and water down and add to your garden.
  9. Feed worms once a week.

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  1. Just feed at one end of the tub. When the worms have munched their way through everything and there is a good layer of vermicast underneath, then start feeding at the other end. The worms will move away from the vermicast. Leave this end uncovered and stir it up with a fork every day or so to encourage the slow ones to move over as well. This way, when you dig out the vermicast you won’t be loosing tigers into the garden. The blackbirds and thrushes would like that though!

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