How are you feeling today?

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Through out the day you will constantly be supervising the children and monitoring how they are health wise. I often would find myself talking to children and asking them how are you feeling today?  Not always getting a reply but the older children would generally answer okay, good. I feel tired or I’m sad what ever it may be.  Today I am going to teach you a few simple sentences to ask someone how they are feeling and a few answers also.  I hope that this will help in your journey today.


E pēhea koe?  or Kei te pēhea koe? – How are you?

Question:  E pēhea koe?  to one person

Answer:  E …………………… ahau.

Or you can use this question with this answer.

Question:  Kei te pēhea koe?

Answer:  Kei te ……………………… ahau.

Here are some describing words to help you fill in the gaps.

E pēhea koe?         E pai ahau.  pai – good

E pēhea koe?         E makariri ahau.  makariri – cold

E pēhea Koe?         E ngenge ahau.  ngenge – tired

E pēhea koe?         E harikoa ahau.  harikoa – happy

E pēhea koe?         E hiakai ahau.  hiakai – hungry

This is a good book I found that you may be helpful for you and the children.

Kei Te Pehea Koe?

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Have a lovely day!


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