Horoia ō ringaringa – Wash your hands.

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Tena Koutou.  The latest international news about the coronavirus pandemic  has got everyone concerned about this new disease.  And we as parents/caregivers and teachers of young children need to and will be addressing these concerns within our environments.  Today I will give you some ideas on how to maintain a healthy environment for tamariki – children.


  • Ensure that your centre is clean.  This is of utmost importance.  You should already have a cleaner that attends to cleaning every night after your centre is closed.  But  during the day there are always going to be areas that need cleaning.  Ensure that wash areas and toilets are kept clean to prevent the spread of germs.  Especially floors as those little feet travel far and wide.
  • Hand sanitisers are not the only option for adults to keep hands clean.  Make sure there is plenty of soap, liquid soap near taps for hand washing,  And to ensure that germs are gone dry with paper towels and dispose.  Towels are ok but these can also spread germs from person to person.  An automatic hand dryer would be an excellent addition to you washing areas.
  • Have a lesson with small groups of children in the hand washing areas and actually show them how to wash their hands properly.  This is important for children to actually see the process not just listen to you telling them to wash their hands.  Children will catch on much quicker through watching then doing themselves.  Help them to do the hand washing so they know how to wash the soap around their little hands.

Make hand washing a fun experience and teach the children a new waiata on hand washing  or maybe have stickers to give to children after hand washing.

Here is a little song I made up you may like to sing along with children at hand washing time or make your own song up with the children yourself.

Wash your hands song.  (tune to are you sleeping?)

Wash your hands wash your hands

With soap and water soap and water

Dry your hands, dry your hands

I am well I am well.

Horoia ō ringaringa

horoia ō ringaringa

ki te  hopi me te wai

ki te hopi me te wai

whakamaroke ō ringaringa

whakamaroke ō ringaringa

kei te pai kei te pai

handwashing photo from Curology

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