Growing kai with children.

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Have you a garden?  If not well it is time to start growing kai with children.  Māori were great gardeners and knew how and when to plant in the garden.  The maramataka or Māori calender was useful in creating their gardens.  I will look at the maramataka in a future post.

Gardening is a fun activity and children love helping out here.  If you have no garden at all or have one that needs work I have a good idea for you.  Lasagna gardening.  It is the creative way to get gardening with children and also incorporates recycling.

So I will let you in on how I do my lasagne gardens.

ONE.  First a layer of cardboard to cover the ground you will be using.  You can rough up the ground a bit first if its straight grass.  The cardboard will stop the grass coming through.  Water the cardboard to hold it down.  You can use newspaper or other cardboard pieces.  Recycle what you have.

TWO.  Then I put down a layer of scraps from the kitchen.  You may have to collect a bucket of scraps over a few days.

THREE.  I follow up with some lawn clippings.

FOUR.  Put a layer of  brown material paper,straw, cardboard

FIVE.  Then put a layer of green material leaves, grass clippings,.

Keep layering brown and green until you have a substantial pile.  Place compost or soil on top and sow your seeds or place your seedlings you have grown in.  There you have it your very own lasagna garden.


Add water throughout the process and after planting or sowing.  Ensure the garden is watered daily.  Children love to water the garden.  If you have no hose then use containers or watering cans.

Make sure your hands are washed after gardening.


In no time at all you and the children will be collecting fresh garden produce.  I would suggest to start with radishes if you want to see fast results.

Happy Planting!


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