Gardening in August.

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This is the perfect time of the year to be out and about in the garden. Put on your gumboots, rain coat and garden gloves along with the children and head into your back or front yard.

If you have not done so already now is the time to plant garlic and onions and shallots.  Also for garden greens like cabbage, cauliflower, parsley, rocket, silverbeet, spinich and herbs.

Fruit trees.  This is the time for planting fruit trees.  Also a time for pruning fruit trees.

My apple tree in need of a prune.

Prepare your garden beds for potatoes, peas and broad beans.

Time to Mulch – which means to place dead leaves, bark, sawdust, compost,  onto the garden it also protects the soil from rain in the winter.  It also reduces watering and weeding.

The Maramataka is the phases of the moon.  You can use the Maramataka as a guide to help you to do things at certain times of the moon’s phase in your garden.

Here is a great page you should check out for gardening with children.

Sowing seeds.  It’s also a good time to be sowing seeds either directly into the soil or into seedling trays.  You could recycle plastic containers to plant seeds into too.  Even empty black pots that you may have brought seedlings in in the past are great to utilise now.

Too much rain?  If your like me and been having a lot of rain recently your garden may be flooding.  Now is the time to drain that water away from your plants.  I created channels allowing water to drain away from the plants.  Shelter small plants and seed trays out of the rain if possible.  Small tip: I have a trampoline and use as a shelter for plants, soil etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I wish you all happy gardening at this busy time of the year.  Anyone with some good tips please leave a message in the comments.




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