First Website Review – Grubby Graphics

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I would like to write my first review on a website.  The website is called Grubby Graphics.  I found this website as I was looking for pictures to put onto my website here at Māori Resources for Teaching.    I fell in love with the incredible and colourful artwork straight away.  The artist is a teacher and has created a lot of beautiful pictures.

The website is easy to move around in and the catalogue is great.  There are pictures to use in all sorts of areas of your home, centre or school.  The pictures are downloadable once you have paid for them.  The cost is below $10 and is worth it.  There are also some free resources here you can print. There are also resources that they show you how to make on here e.g.bubble blowing wand.  The Māori resources they have here are perfect for teaching resources too.  So go ahead and check out Grubby Graphics, I give them an A plus.  They have helped me to create my website with their wonderful artwork.  Thanks a lot as I am not the best artist.

Kia pai to ra


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