Dancing with scarves.

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Today I want to talk about  dancing with scarves with children.  Dancing with scarves is enjoyed by all age groups.  It is an easy activity that incorporates music and movement with scarves,

The music that you choose can vary I like to put on classical music or you can sing E rere taku poi, which helps children to develop the words in te reo Māori.

What will children typically do when they hear music?  It depends some will stand there and just listen, others may jump around and others will tap a foot or jiggle their hips each child is unique when they start learning to dance.  Put a scarf in their hand and add music and watch their little faces glow.

Dance is very valuable to add into your program with children every day.   This is such a cool activity.  Give each child a scarf.  Stand alongside the children and start waving the scarves around in time to the music.

Here are the words to E rere taku poi for you to practice.

poiE rere taku poi, E rere taku poi, ki runga, ki runga

E rere taku poi, E rere taku poi Ki raro ki raro

E rere runga,  E rere  raro

E rere roto,  e rere waho

E rere taku poi, e rere taku poi

Ki runga ki runga



ki runga-up high

ki raro – down low

ki roto-inwards

ki waho- outwards

Dancing with scarves has many good learning outcomes which include:

  • developing skills for use of poi
  • developing fine motor skills- tiny fingers have to learn to grasp the scarf
  • developing movement skills learning to move to music
  • developing hearing one of the senses
  • developing the touch sense
  • creating their own moves and actions with the scarves
  • spatial awareness is developing
  • having fun with others
  • sharing scarves thus developing social skills
  • developing imagination

I always found it hard to find decent scarves but came across some great ones perfect for little fingers right here.

JZK 20 Multi colour soft organza silk square dance juggling scarves for children kids girls party activities accessory decoration rhythm band scarf baby sensory scarfs

Click onto scarves to see where to get them from.

Have a great day and get dancing!


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